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Bedbug control and elimination service Bedbugs are harmful household parasites. They are sneaky, difficult to find and can pose potential health risks for you and your family. Armed with science-backed pest control capabilities, over 100 years of experience and cutting edge tools and products, PDI is well equipped to assess your bedbug problem and put in place a strategic response to rid it your house from the pest and provide maximum protection.

Inspection and treatment of active infestations For inexperienced eyes, eliminating a bedbug infestation can be difficult, and even if discovered, over-the-counter home remedies and deterrents are often ineffective. Using our A.I.M. protection process, a highly qualified Pest Dial India specialist will assess your home, implement a solution and monitor activity to ensure the effectiveness of our efforts and provide you with added peace of mind.

Continuous bed bug detection service Bedbugs are multiplying rapidly and in just six months, some can turn into a total infestation of 13,000 or more people. Detection is essential to break the life cycle of bedbugs before they become a bigger problem. Pest Dial India's bed bug detection service goes to the root of the problem with targeted inspections of common bed bug hiding places in your home and ongoing monitoring to ensure pests never return.

If you have seen signs of bedbugs or want to help protect your home from this growing intruder, your Pest Dial India Specialist will come and inspect your home.

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